Samin Sheet Metal specialise in the design and manufacture of a wide range of sheet metal components made from steel, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Their core business is producing precision sheet metal components for a broad cross section of industries such as the electronics, aeronautical, automotive and medical industries. They also produce unique, custom made structural and fabricated parts for the mining and construction industries as well as other business sectors throughout Queensland and Australia.

We were introduced to Samin when looking for sheet metal fabrication in early 2014. The Managing Director, Wade Samin, was very interested in the project and soon became a highly invested sponsor of the team. In the past, Samin have manufactured sheet metal components for the team, such as the 2014 beam axle, while also teaching us more about sheet metal fabrication in industry.

The greatest donation from Samin was a brand new trailer, which they custom made for our FSAE cars. This trailer has been perfect for our needs as, they worked hard to make it lightweight while also very spacious and easy to tow.

In 2015, UQRacing introduced an electric car in addition to our internal combustion car. Samin offered to sponsor both cars and have made many sheet metal components for both teams such as the Accumulator Box which holds the 400 Volts which propel the electric drivetrain.

We love working with Samin as they are always happy to answer any questions that we have while also providing help wherever they can. We have learned a lot during this partnership and look forward to future years.

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