Apache Coatings specialise in providing and exceeding the meticulous anodising standards required in scientific fields and aeronautical applications. Also, their dedicated powder division is solely committed to providing clients with the highest standard of work in the industry.

Apache have sponsored the team for a number of years now and have anodised a huge number of small and large components for our 2014 and 2015 cars. They have allowed the cars to achieve a very professional and complete look as well looking really awesome. Every time we get components back from apache, the entire team can’t wait to see the result and they have never ceased to amaze. Apache anodise nearly all of our Aluminium components as well as powder coat our chassis and wishbones.

Interestingly, Apache are one of the main reasons behind our team colour. After being introduced and seeing the anodizing samples, the purple stuck out so well that we decided to anodise everything that colour which then evolved into our permanent team colour. This has now evolved into the team colour for both the combustion and electric car.

Apache have been another great sponsor for UQ Racing, always treating the team very well and providing their input whenever they can. All of the staff have been very accommodating, even taking team members for tours of their workshop and giving demonstrations of the anodizing and powder coating processes. They have also been extremely fast, often giving the team components within 48 hours of delivery.



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