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UQ Racing is a small group of undergraduate and graduate UQ students dedicated to designing, building and racing a small formula style race car to compete in the Society of Automotive Engineers’ FSAE Competition. FSAE involves over 400 Universities and tens of thousands of people from dozens of countries competing in 8 international competitions spread across 5 continents. Do you want to be part of this incredible experience?

You don't need to be a mechanical engineer, or indeed any engineer to join! Anyone from any field is welcome to become part of the team.

The only cost is your dedication!

There are no monetary costs to getting involved with the team - from design to manufacturing and even track testing days! Individual competition fees can be subsidised by the university.

We're looking for individuals who are willing to put the time and effort into UQ Racing, as you will truly get out of it what you put in. The team requires its members to attend weekly meetings, and to complete tasks allocated to its members. In short, we require commitment. With University life, there are always pressures from coursework, employment etc, and the team realise this. However with enough committed members, we are all able to complete the project as well as meet these demands of university life.

Joining is easy

At UQ Racing, there are no resume or prior experience requirements to join. There are two main ways of getting involved:

Send us a message on Facebook!

Contact the team though the form below, and tell us who you are, basic contact details (such as an email address), what you are studying, and any prior experience you may have that could be relevant to Formula SAE (although you don’t have to have any experience yet!) – and the team will get back to you! UQR is always looking for enthusiastic, hard working and committed people to join us.

UQR with RMIT Electric Racing at competition

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