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Student growth through a real world project

Student driven project

UQ Racing is a team of students from the University of Queensland who design, develop, and build race cars to compete in the Formula SAE competition. Our team is composed of a diverse selection of students from a range of backgrounds including engineering, business, marketing, and IT.

Through involvement in the project, students gain practical engineering design and manufacturing experience as well as the opportunity to develop skills in project management, teamwork, networking, and financial and resource management. Our project is not just about results, but furthering student education, forging links with industry and creating well rounded graduates.

Real world outcomes: A case example

No where else at university do students get to apply the theory taught in the classroom to a large scale project such as FSAE. Almost every part on the vehicles are self-designed or adapted for purpose.

For example, thanks to our partnership with multiple composites businesses and training organisations, team members are able to take part in the full process from design to manufacture to performance analysis. A single student can learn how to create a part in software, then take part in the manufacturing process by machining and preparing molds, laying up the fabric for the part then applying the resin.

We gain a whole new world of knowledge that our industry partners share with us through their vast experience in their respective fields, and we're keen to show them something new along the way!

UQ Racing is always looking for new members and partners to take each other to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there less to do if you don't study engineering?

Not at all. As the team are required to manage all of our own marketing, budgeting, sponsorship, occupational health and safety & logistics planning, almost any area of study within the university has relevance to the FSAE project.

How much of the car does the team design and build?

As much as possible. The uni encourages the team to produce as much as we can ourselves – we learn more this way, and also it tends to be cheaper. Obviously, some components are purchased and incorporated into our design – the engine block/head & internals (although the intake & exhaust is designed by the team), certain electrical components such as the ECU, pump controllers and traction control multiplexer, however the majority of the car is designed by the team, and manufactured with help from the University’s professional mechanical engineering workshop (for welding, machining, etc.), or produced by external companies. This includes the chassis, suspension members, uprights, and brake rotors).

How will this help my future career prospects?

Formula SAE exists to provide students with the chance to experience ‘hands-on’ work whilst still studying. This ‘hands-on’ experience, combined with performance in coursework, can assist to make you ‘stand out’ from the crowd when looking for employment when you graduate.

FSAE is also seen as an important experience for anyone looking at entering the Automotive or Motorsport Engineering fields. Add to this, it is also a fun an exciting way to apply the theory learnt in courses to a ‘real-life’ situation.

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