About UQR

The Formula SAE Racing Team of the University of Queensland

The UQR cars are designed completely by UQ students every year.


The cars are built in house, in the UQR Workshop assisted by our many sponsors around Brisbane.


At the end of each year, the cars are brought to Melbourne to compete in FSAE – Australasia.

UQ Racing is a Formula SAE team based within the University of Queensland. The team was established and competed in its first competition at Formula SAE Australasia 2001. There are approximately 30 undergraduate students from across UQ on the team at any time, with a range of backgrounds including engineering, business, commerce, marketing and IT.

Formula SAE is a design competition organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).  The competition requires teams of students to design, develop and fabricate a small, Formula-style race car while adhering to a set of general design requirements and regulations. In total, over 500 teams worldwide compete in Formula SAE. There are over ten annual competitions held in seven countries, allowing teams from different regions of the world to compete against one another.

It is important to note that FSAE is not a motor sports competition. The design requirements and regulations are open enough for different teams to develop and implement different race car design philosophies. This challenges students to think of new and innovative ideas, while ensuring the safety of all competitors.

UQ Racing is able to provide students with practical educational opportunities, helping them to gain real world experience in project management, teamwork, finance and resource management, detailed engineering design and hands-on manufacturing in a team environment.

Internal Combustion

The internal combustion team has been running at UQ for over 15 years. We continually strive for greater results.

Electric Vehicle

The Electric Vehicle team had our inaugural year in 2015, we are focusing on building our team and knowledge.

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The UQR team is comprised completely of UQ undergraduate Students.


UQR gives students practical experience in Engineering, Business, Science and more.


By participating in UQR, Students also develop their professional networks.


Formula SAE is looked upon favorably by employers because of the valuable experience it provides.