UQR History

Never slow down

2001: An SAE odyssey

Founding members

UQ Racing began in 2001, entering the second ever FSAE-Australasia event. At the time however, the team was officially known as Bush Turkey Racing, in homage to the ubiquitous birds that roam the St Lucia campus. Unsurprisingly, the more professional UQ Racing name was taken up in following years as the team sought to build a reputation.

2004-2006: Flying finishes

Within three years, UQ Racing was on their way to European competitions, beginning with the Formula Student UK competition in 2004. The team and car performed admirably, only missing out on a potential podium due to mechanical issues in the endurance event. Indeed, UQ Racing showed the world what it had by winning the acceleration event in that competition.

UK Trip

In 2006, UQ Racing participated in the Formula Student Germany competition, widely regarded as the unofficial world cup of FSAE competitions around the world. The team was riding on the success of being the first Australian car to break the 4-second mark in the acceleration event in late 2005, and at the Hockenheim track, the team’s efforts were rewarded as the car delivered a win in the autocross and endurance events! The car finished 22 seconds in front of the field, despite the being stuck in 3rd gear during endurance.

Early 2010s: Back on our feet

Following a short period of absence, the team came back to life in 2010 and after a period of rebuilding, was able to deliver strong performances in 2013 and 2014 with ‘Horse’ and ‘Toad’. The 2014 car was UQ Racing’s first aluminium honeycomb monocoque car, also unique for its rivet-less construction thanks to 3M adhesives.

2015: Electric drive

UQR's first EV

With help from local electric vehicle infrastructure firm Tritium, UQ Racing resurrected ‘Horse’ as ‘Unicorn’ and created UQR’s, and indeed Queenslands first viable electric FSAE vehicle. The next year, the electric vehicle ‘Rat’ used a groundbreaking belt-driven driveline with twin Emrax 207s, something the competition had not seen to that point.

Present day: Effective simplicity

In 2014 the undertray created lift

The recent period has been a positive one for our static events, with a podium in EV business presentation in 2017, culminating with a win for EV and top 5 for IC presentations in 2018. 2019 culminated in 2nd place overall for both cars providing UQR with its best result in history! More info on our 2019 prowess can be found here. Cost event has been another strong area for the team, winning EV cost in 2017, 2018, 2019 and missing out on the win by the slimmest of margins for IC in 2018.

With these results in hand, we’re keen to bring on bigger and better things in 2020 and onward!

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