UQR Team Retreat

The weekend before our busy Semester 2 started, 30 of our most dedicated students took a trip down to the Queensland/ New South Wales border to a little camping ground overlooking Running Creek and the Border Range.

We left our University of Queensland home-base bright and early Saturday morning and began the picturesque two-hour drive to Beaudesert where we stopped for a snack and supplies. From there, the short drive to Andrew Drynan Camping Ground was quick and we arrived with plenty of time to set up camp before lunch.

We spent the weekend with no power (or showers for that matter) and engaged in many different team building exercises. As a convoy, we drove across the border to a short walking track and the Border Loop Lookout where we could see the North Coast Railway line that loops back on itself to gain height. Many members of our team found the construction and design of the train line interesting.

We also engaged in a tug of war, wheel barrow races and other fun activities that made us laugh. The main aim of the team retreat was to get a better sense of being a team, such as immersing the new members into our team and getting to know everyone on a deeper level than just seeing each other around uni. Coming out of it, all members had an awesome time and felt really positive about the experience, with strong demand for another one at the end of the year. A big thank you to the Alumni Friends of University of Queensland for their generous financial donation to helping with costs of the retreat.

Courtney Vogler
Courtney Vogler
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