Composites Work

Over the last few weeks, our team has been busy laying up, vacuum forming and polishing our composite components for the 2017 FSAE car.

Our Designs

IMG_7021Our Team Vice-Principal, Stephen Joseph, has conducted a huge amount of inductions over the last semester to ensure our team is up to date with all the manufacturing processes UQ has to offer. This has not only assisted our team in sharing the load of larger jobs but also in understanding the manufacturing processes and limitations of design.

After spending hours on the CNC machines, sanding and polishing moulds for the nose cone, foot cups, rear air scoop and radiator shroud are finally complete. These parts are now quickly coming together as work has started on getting the moulds laid up, vacuum bagged and ready for installation.





Composites Work - PARTEC
Big thanks to our sponsors at PARTEC for giving us training again this year. The five-day intensive course gave our members an opportunity for focused, hands-on learning that was personalised for the needs of an FSAE team.

Members learned the basics of a wide variety of composite manufacturing techniques such as basic hand lay-ups, vacuum bagging and pre-preg moulding, as well as gaining access to a number of valuable resources to refer back to.

The supervisors there have been incredibly helpful; acting as mentors and allowing us to utilise the workshop for some of our own work, as well as having some laughs along the way.

Kyra Stephens
Kyra Stephens
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