2017 EV Design Overview

2017 has been busy! Currently, we’re nearing the end of our design period, a crucial point of the year. What we achieve now sets us up for the manufacturing phase of the vehicle and determines how we perform at the competition. As a team, we’ve set aside 2017 as a development year, not only for the production of our vehicles but also our team members. To encourage newer members to be actively involved with the team we have first and second year members working on the number of tasks; driveline, pedal box, charge cart and other smaller components. More experienced members are working on finalising design on holistic systems including; vehicle dynamics characteristics and the accumulator, working hard towards starting the manufacturing phase (the fun part!).

After our experience at the 2016 competition and the failures we endured, we want to go back to basics to deliver an EV that is simple, robust and works well. This is part of our team development strategy; a simple car gives our young team members a chance to understand the fundamentals of design and sets us up for the coming years.

We’ve decided to go for front and rear double wishbone suspension system. A single emrax motor on the rear with a spool. One of the highlights this year that will help us improve upon last year’s electric vehicle will be new batteries. We’re finalising design on the accumulator (the battery pack) currently, but it looks as though we’ll be able to cut the weight by half and the volume by 2/3rds which allows us to package the vehicle into a simple sleek and robust design; exactly what we wanted.

To further our team development, we looked to improve on the management and organisation of the team to the design and manufacture this year’s vehicle. Every FSAE team has the challenge of recruiting new students to join and work hard for the team. This year we have been trialling new ideas to make the joining even more appealing. So far we have restructured the team leadership to make it more streamlined and had a new members info night, where members can come and learn about the team. We also hung out and watched the Australian GP. Our newest addition is “UQ Racing 101” which is a workshop designed to boost the average knowledge of our members, to speed up the knowledge transfer process and to help us prepare for the design event.

2017 is shaping up to be a great year, the excitement from new team members is high, and we’re excited to unveil our designs at the season launch event on at the end of April. All our sponsors, friends and family are invited to join us on April 27 at 6 pm (Global Change Institute at UQ).

Nathan van der Heide
Nathan van der Heide
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